About Angela O' Connor

A former professional Irish dancer, having toured the world with Michael Flatelys ‘Lord of the dance’. 
On returning from my time touring I decided to study and qualify as a level 3 personal trainer and sports therapist. 
I worked for over 7 years in the fitness industry working in a community gym In West London where I trained hundreds of clients with many varied targets and goals.  I absolutely loved every moment of this and it was here that I realised my passion was helping people achieve their goals and live a healthier lifestyle.
I took a career break to have two children but after getting myself back into shape post kids I decided to go back to what I truly loved…..helping people reach their goals, and there Angel Fit Club UK was born.

Why is your health and wellbeing so important to me?? 

Because I understand!
• I totally understand just how hard it is to find time for yourself when you have kids or your working and have other life commitments.
• I understand what it’s like to be busy and feel overwhelmed of how to make it all fit in.
•I understand what it’s like to have lacked motivation, felt stuck in a rut and not be able to snap out of it!
With my programme I will help you find a solution to living a maintainable healthier lifestyle. With my teaching and training whether it’s online or face to face every single client will get personalised high quality one to one consultations, goal setting sessions/ follow ups and access to all of our brilliant workouts.
If your doing my online programmes you can train from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.
The luxury to online fitness programmes is that there’s no travel time for you, so you literally just commit time to the exercise and then you can be back to any other commitments straight after. You don’t need any special gear it can all be done with body weight or free weights… it doesn’t matter what you wear, turn up in your pj’s if you want to the most important thing is that you turn up! 
What makes us different to other programmes…. you will train with me at every single session and I will ensure that you push to your full potential, you will speak to me regularly so that you receive a full one to one experience and together we WILL achieve your goals! 
Angel Fit Club UK is now extremely proud to have clients all over the UK and Ireland and we are setting are goals further to bring as many people together that have the same principle goal…. 
‘To improve their health and wellbeing and be the best version of themselves’. 

Join our fitness family, you won’t regret it! 

Customer Review

The proven success stories of clients. Meeting people for the first time, watching their progress to the final transformations results and being part of this journey – is what gives Angela passion to do these classes week in week out!